• Electronic payment for A22 tolls

    Because at Yor car hire our main concern is to provide the best possible service, we have decided to equip all our cars with the electronic transponders for the A22 tolls.

    A “stronger and more cohesive” group backed by the Spanish government has vowed to continue the fight against tolls on the A22.

    Loulé is the most heavily populated council area in the Algarve, according to data released by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). The municipality had a total of 66,085 inhabitants in 2009, putting it ahead of Faro with 58,675 and Portimão with 50,454
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  • Special desk at Faro airport and health support for tourists due to ash cloud

    Regional authorities launched today a special information desk at Faro Airport to provide assistance to the most problematic situations of retained tourists. ARS provides medicines.

    The tourists stranded in A
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  • Ryanair's new Faro base

    39th Base - Faro, 6AC, 28 routes & 1.3m pax

    Ryanair announces 39th base at Faro
    6 aircraft, 28 routes and 1.3M passengers p.a. from 2010
  • Fly from Faro from 1 euro

    It’s already begun but only for a limited period. Flying from Faro for just one euro, but it’s not for everyone. It’s only for those who use the Internet.

    The Irish airline Tourism in the Alentejo could be on the verge of an unprecedented boom as work on the future Beja airport nears conclusion. It will be the culmination of a €33 million investment to convert a former military base into a international civil airport that
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  • Hollywood stars in the Algarve in 2010

    A remake of the Steve McQueen classic Le Mans, starring Brad Pitt, Al Pacino and Penelope Cruz, is due to be filmed in Portugal next year. “The filming will essentially take place in Portimão, but some scenes will also be filmed in Lisbon, Porto and Aveiro,” said Artur Curado,
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  • Portugal is world’s most welcoming country

    According to a Human Development Report by the United Nations, Portugal comes out tops when welcoming and integrating legal immigrants. It was the country that received the best classification with regards to rights and services awarded to foreign residents out of 60 countries in the report&rsquo
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