Loulé most populated Algarve municipality

Loulé is the most heavily populated council area in the Algarve, according to data released by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). The municipality had a total of 66,085 inhabitants in 2009, putting it ahead of Faro with 58,675 and Portimão with 50,454 residents. Mário Leston Bandeira, a demographer and sociology teacher at the Institute of Labour and Business (ISCTE) said: "Loulé has a great deal of dynamism and a number of areas where many foreign residents live, including Vilamoura.

" The data also reveals that Lagos municipality, with 29,298 residents, has more inhabitants than the combined total of the five least populated counties in the Algarve - Alcoutim with 3,033 residents, Aljezur with 5,333 inhabitants, Vila do Bispo with 5,437, Monchique with 5,916 and Castro Marim with 6,461. For Portugal as a whole, Lisbon is being caught by Sintra in terms of population.

The capital has 479,884 inhabitants, just 25,696 more than Sintra. The Algarve now has a total of 434,023 residents, with around a quarter, some 112,684, under 24 years of age. There are 238,203 people aged 25-64 and 83,136 over 65s.

In terms of gender, Loulé and Olhão council areas have virtually identical numbers of men and woman. Loulé has 33,053 men and 33,032 women, whole Olhão has 22,407 women and 22,388 men.

There were 9,087 people aged 85 years or older living in the Algarve at the end of 2009, with the majority, 5,710, being women.

According to INE the number of births in 2009, some 99,491, was a fall of five per cent compared with 104,594 births in 2008.

The birth rate, which in 2008 was 11.7 live births per thousand inhabitants, fell to 9.8 per thousand in 2009.

However, the death rate remained almost the same as 2008, with 9.8 deaths per thousand inhabitants in 2008 and 10.3 per thousand in 2009.


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