Car rental firms fear 50% drop in summer trade

Car rental bosses fear sales will drop by 50% if the current toll payment system is kept up through the busy summer months. Some companies have seen a decrease in trade of 30% since the introduction of tolls on the Via do Infante A22 motorway, so the feared losses of 50% may be a conservative estimate.

Cheap Algarve Car HireThe secretary general of the Association of Industrial Rental Cars (ARAC), Robalo de Almeida, criticised the current toll charging mechanism, which he regarded as "not suitable for car rental customers and is very unpleasant for those who visit us."

 Robalo points out that the association flagged up these issues two years ago, "we just want a quick and easy (toll payment) system for tourists visiting the country; for them to be satisfied and to have a good vacation."

Robalo de Almeida, like many rental car company managers and owners, is focusing on an easier toll collection system while lamenting the loss of trade. The view from Visa Car’s management is a more intelligent and forthright one, "the only effective solution is the end of the tolls."


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